Organizing Tips for Your Baby’s Room

Organizing your baby’s room involves adding space for movement, tidy dressers, neatly kept toys, and other functional items. To top it all off, you have to “baby-proof” your room to avoid accidents. Organizing your baby’s room should be able to make both you and the baby feel relaxed rather than stressed. Here’s a few things you might want to do to design your room. 

First things first, you’re gonna know what things would be worth investing in. 

Nursery Essentials 

Crib. A baby crib will last several kids when maintained properly. You’ll want a crib that’s safe enough for an energetic baby. If you don’t plan on having a second child, don’t worry, there are cribs that can be converted to beds! So be sure you don’t miss them while they’re available. But if you’re planning to have a few more, it’s best if you keep your crib as gender neutral as possible. 

Drawers. Dressers. Closets. These are a must have when preparing you’re baby’s room. You can have as many as you want, or you can have as little as you can. Just be sure they all correspond to whatever use they may be used for. Drawers can be used to organize your baby’s sanitary items and clothes. Closets are where you can hang more special clothes and store toys in! 

Changing Tables. If you’re on a budget, you don’t have to worry about these. As long as you have a flat surface to work on, you can create a changing table from there. We recommend putting them over your drawers. Putting them over your drawers not only saves space but also provides you storage for the things you would need for changing. You could keep all diapers, wet wipes, and powder bottles inside the first layer. This also minimizes the mess you would be seeing around the room. 

Chair. Any comfortable chair for you to rest on. If you feel like you’ll be sleeping in your baby’s room, you can pick a chair that can be converted into a mini-bed. You can also opt to get a rocking chair, for nights you would need to lull your baby without having to stay standing or without having to leave the room. 

Other Storage places. We mean shelves and other tables that are dedicated to store other items. 

Design Ideas 

Designing the room is easy if you already know how you’re going to be organizing it. Let’s move over to the basics and then let’s cover some ideas on how you can improve it. 

Let’s start with the space. You’re gonna need a lot of space for movement. If you’re running out of storage space in the closet, you can always use the bottom of the crib, but you have to make sure they’re either covered or tidy. To organize toys, books and all other learning materials you can buy storage that can be used even when your baby grows up. 

Shelves. Buy a shelf design that a growing kid would be able to use. But also make sure they’re out of baby’s reach. You wouldn’t want your baby to be playing with things they’re not supposed to be playing with. You can even embed shelves into your closets for added aesthetic and organization. 

Bins. Storage bins will be your best friend. You can put them under the cribs, inside the closet, or you could use them to bring dirty clothes out of the room. Storage bins will be useful once they’ve served their first purpose. Your growing baby can then use it as storage for his or her art materials. 

Lastly, Decor. For the decor you would want to remain gender neutral if you’ll be having more than one child. This would help you be able to design your room and convert it accordingly in the future!