Sometimes, you run out of time in the mornings. School time is that time of the year when you buy new bags, uniforms, and of course, lunchboxes. 

But it’s also that time of the year when you’d have to start preparing heavier or healthier lunches to compensate for the nutrients missed from skipping breakfast trying to chase the bus! 

And since kids spend their lunch time out in school, it makes it hard for you to monitor what they eat. You might catch them with half-eaten sandwiches or meals. And you’re probably wondering how you can make them more appetizing for your child.  

Packing lunches will help encourage healthy eating habits for your child too. Adding decorations or making it customizable might do the trick! 

So if you’re a mom who loves to pack lunches or is looking for healthy and cute lunch ideas, this is an article for you!  

First, here’s four reminders before considering packing lunch: 

  1. Decorate your sandwiches 

You can decorate and create cute animals. You can decorate using sandwich cutters, food safe accessories, or with other food as well! Or you could add a little extra special ingredients to their favorite sandwich? 

      2.   Try to pack food they want for lunch 

            Ask them! They might be craving for those homemade dishes. Or maybe they’d want tiny meat buns with fruits for dessert. How about making pizza pancakes? This could help get them excited for packed lunch all the time! 

      3.    For quick preparations, prepare at night 

             Preparing your ingredients at night will save you some time and will ensure that you have all the ingredients you need. 

      4.    Try to skip the junk food 

             You’d want minimal junk food intake. Add more proteins and greens to your child’s meal and up their favorite desserts by adding fruits! 

Next, here’s a list of lunch ideas you might want to try out: 

Whole Wheat Muffins – This gives your child the both added sugar boost you’d get from eating cupcakes and the natural fibers they need! 

A little bit of everything” – Grab your child’s lunchbox and add bits of everything in every divider. 

Mini Bagels – Personalize this in anyway by either making bagel sandwiches or making stuffed bagels! 

Sandwich Kebabs or Tiny Meat Skewers – If you want to give your kid light snacks that provide small bits of protein. 

DIY snacks – Give your child the freedom to create his or her own pizzas and sandwiches. 

Burger Bites – Just like Sandwich Kebabs or Meat Skewers, this is your best bet when you want to satisfy your kid’s burger cravings without a lot of unhealthy sides of burgers! 

Roll-ups – roll-ups can be bite-sized and big enough to fill their tummies by the end of lunch time! 

The possibilities are endless, these are just some ideas that are not limited to their online recipes because you can always work your way around them to fit to your needs. This is also great for parents who want to regulate their children’s junk food and snack intakes! 

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