Top 7 Home Organization Hacks

Home Organization Hacks

It’s easy to picture a home the way you want it. Having a bedroom with a window next to the bed covered in a sheer white curtain to give it a great dusky effect, and a frame or two on the walls to cover up the emptiness. Maybe a living room with two symmetrical couches along with two lamps hanging above across from each other to keep the harmony and a simple centerpiece at the front to finish it off. 

But these dreams aren’t as easy to achieve as they are to imagine. Design requires knowing how to work with what is presented in front of you, especially when none of the choices seem to be your cup of tea. Here’s a few creative ideas and tips to make your home suit your taste exactly the way you want it; or at least close to it. 

First thing’s first, when it comes to remodeling, it is essential to remove anything unwanted. From old wallpaper to leftover scraps of dirt and gum on the ceilings and the walls. It’s also important to know what to change, and how to change it. 

1.    In areas of the house where it’s all dark and low, light would make a great difference. This doesn’t mean just any light, so a simple lamp isn’t going to cut. Adding molding and changing the color of the ceiling to something brighter makes it look higher. 

2.    Big plain walls could be possible focal points. If it’s in a place the guest could easily see, it wouldn’t be pleasing to see a simple plain wall taking all the attention of the room. Placing objects big enough to take up most of the space allows it to pop, such as a wide mirror to make the area look roomier. 

3.    Bringing in natural light makes a huge difference to dull-looking areas of the house. The effect of light coming from a window gives the room a pure ambiance. To attract more attention to this, 

4.    Small details can give life to a certain area; whether it means dropping a few splashes of color here and there, hanging a frame on this side of the room and placing a plant on the other, or maybe adding a curve to end of a straight flight of stairs. A simple change in feature could make the objects within the area livelier. 

5.    Mixing and matching monochromatic colors is a way to highlight certain parts of the house while keeping it within the desired theme. Lighter colors can be used for walls, while the flooring could be a medium shade of the same color to identify that they are two separate parts. If there’s stairs or cabinets and counters, a dark shade of the same color could work to emphasize the presence of these objects. 

6.    If the area appears too packed, getting rid of unpleasantly placed items is a great idea. Although, it is still important to keep in mind of the possible balance within the room. By putting décor of the same family on the empty side of the room, it will lessen the weight and feeling of disproportion. 

7.    Some parts of the house may also appear cramped despite not actually having too much stuff around, but because there’s no gaps. Keeping areas and objects neatly separated prevents the room from appearing small and, therefore, allowing it to seem wider. 

Lastly, when it comes to design, one thought should always stand out at times it’s needed the most: “If I can’t change this, what can I do to work around it?” It does a lot to know how to fit stuff in and simply make the best of what you have, which is the most important thing.