How You Can be a More Organized Mom Today

how to be a more organized mom

Motherhood is a wonderful journey, but it can be downright exhausting. A lot of times, you feel like you’re always doing something, but not really getting anywhere. Then, sooner than you realize, the day is over and you are dead tired.  

The thing is, both rest and actual productivity doesn’t have to wait until the kids are in college. We’ll let you in on some ways you can start being a more organized (and productive) mom today, so you can get things done, and enjoy that much needed beauty rest afterwards! 

Plan it out 

You have so many things to do and so little time to do them. Make things more efficient and less overwhelming for yourself by planning things out. Here’s how: 

  • List down your tasks for the week. 

These can be chores, errands, events and appointments, and even your top priorities at work. Separate each task into categories and you’ll start crossing them off sooner than you think. 

  • Set a day for each household chore. 

Doing what you can when you can won’t get you anywhere. You have to pick your battles and set your priorities. If you designate a day for each task, you won’t forget what you have to do, and you’ll always be on top of things. 

  • Plan out your meals and try meal prepping. 

You don’t have to deal with the daily nightmare of racking your brains on what to cook for dinner. Plan ahead on what you’ll have for the week, and better yet, practice meal prep. These things save you so much time, energy, effort, and most importantly, money. Plus, you’ll get to keep your sanity. 

Do it right away 

Be more prepared for the day ahead, and clear up your schedule, by trying to avoid hitting that snooze button, and checking off as many small tasks as you can in the morning. Whether it’s sending emails or replying to messages, doing the dishes, throwing out the trash, or watering plants, these are all quick tasks and once they’re done, you’ll feel accomplished early on in the day. 

Keep in mind the 2-minute rule. If you can do something in 2 minutes or less, don’t postpone it. Don’t procrastinate. Do it right away. You’ll get a lot more things accomplished that way. 

Do things differently, or not at all 

You may not realize it, but doing things a certain way can be counterproductive and time consuming. For example, if you go to the store every day, whether to buy your groceries, fresh produce for today’s dinner, some random stuff you forgot to buy, or even that late night ice cream craving, these endless trips to the store are costing you too much time (and gas).  

Why don’t you try doing it once a week instead, and make sure to buy all the things you need during that trip? Or maybe try online shopping?  

Finally, learn how to delegate. You are a mom, not a slave. Let your husband and your kids take some of the responsibility. Take that free time to do other tasks, or to simply relax. After all, you deserve it.