Easy to Grow Bulbs for Beginner Gardeners

easy to grow bulbs

Are you a first time gardener, or a seasoned one thinking it’s time to add some new flora to your garden? Then, why don’t you try bulbs?

Bulbs are a great addition to any garden, as they add colorful blooms to your landscape. There are a lot of flower bulbs that are easy to grow and take minimal effort- they will thrive even with minimal care and attention!

We’ll share with you some easy to grow flower bulbs perfect for that early spring bloom, as well as some tips on how to plant them.

A few helpful tips…

  • Plump, soften, and fatten your soil by mixing in a lot of organic matter to make it easier and healthier for your plants to grow.
  • Add in sources of phosphorus and potassium to the soil where you will be planting your bulbs. Some common sources are soft rock phosphate for phosphorous, and greensand for potassium.
  • The general rule is to plant the bulbs pointy end up.

Here are some spring flower bulbs that are easy to grow:



Daffodils grow in both warm and cold weather, and produce vibrant colors of pink, yellow, and cream. These flowers give off a wonderful fragrance, and the best part is that they live for a really long time. Plus, they don’t attract bugs and rodents, so taking care of them is a piece of cake.


Now, these are probably the most colorful and vibrant flowers you can add to your garden, what with all the cheery colors that you can choose from. They can bloom as early as March, and will keep blooming for around 3 months. The only thing is that their lovely smell can be very attractive to animals. Therefore, planting them with daffodils just might do the trick.


Hyacinth bulbs
Hyacinth bulbs

These are tiny little flowers (although they look like one big puffy cuteness at first glance) that give off plenty of heavenly scent. Plus, they come in a variety of colors, so you can plant several types of hyacinth, or mix them up with other flowers.


Snowdrops are cute dainty flowers that are highly resilient to harsh weather conditions- perfect for planting during the cold seasons. They grow in clumps and live a long and happy life. Though, you might also get a few cluttered ones around your property, as these plants spread by seed.

Siberian Squill

If you want a long, calming sea of blue in your garden (or pathwalk, or archway, or pretty much anywhere), siberian quills are simply a must have flower bulb. These are low and wispy roaming plants that look, well, amazing.



Finally, arguably one of the easiest bulbs to grow- either in a garden, lawn, or even a container- are crocus. With dozens of natural varieties and hybrids to choose from, these will instantly transform your garden to a flowery haven in the early springtime.